Why Ride an Electric Bike?


Electric bicycles are incredibly frugal compared with motorbikes and cars and only cost around 5 to 10p worth of electricity to fully recharge a flat battery!

They are treated just like ordinary bicycles for legislative purposes so there’s no need to worry about Log Books, MOT, Road Tax, Insurance etc. Most of the working non-electrical parts are standard cycle parts so day to day servicing like tyre or brake replacement will seem very cheap for people used to paying for car repairs.

Health and Hills:

It is said that a conventional bike will keep you fitter. That, of course, depends how much, if at all, it is being used. Because riding an electric bike is such a pleasure even in hilly country, or into the wind, their owners tend to ride them much more often than conventional bikes. The motor provides up to half the effort, but regular use means more exercise for the rider.

If you want some strenuous exercise you can always switch the motor to a lower assistance ratio or turn it off completely.


They are incredibly good fun. If you have never ridden one before you will find you get all the pleasure and fresh air of a bicycle, without the hard work, and all the excitement of a moped or a scooter, without the fumes, mechanical complexity, noise and cost.

First time riders invariably come back with a big smile on their face and many have commented “It’s like riding a normal bike only with a big friendly hand giving you a push on the difficult bits”.

Perspiration may not be a serious issue when out for a leisurely ride, but it’s more important when cycling to work. An electric bike eliminates the problem and allows riders to wear their normal clothing and really enjoy the journey.
If you are or have been a regular cyclist but are beginning to find it a bit too much like hard work then you really must try an electric bike. Suddenly those trips that seemed a bit too long will have halved in distance and those hills that were a bit too steep will have miraculously flattened.


Using an electric bike is the best way there is to break the car habit. The average car journey in Britain is 5 to 8 miles and everyday people in Britain make millions of small journeys to work or the shops and back that could easily be non-polluting bike rides – during rush-hour, a bike is twice as fast as a car – great if you hate jams!

An electric bike is completely emission free can be made genuinely sustainable by purchasing electricity from a ‘green’ supplier, or generating it via a roof-mounted windmill or solar panel. This will enable the vehicles’ fossil fuel consumption to be zero.